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Gary-Ross Pastrana, installation view of Rewilding (2018) at MCAD, Manila, 2018.


Hummed a termite, 

In the future world of total darkness, we will operate with sonic perception. Although our workers and soldiers are blind, we engineer magnificent architecture with the advanced acoustic structure speaking an ancient language million years old wise. Be our guest. Our palace will attend and whisper to you, and we shall hear all the bewildering complains about ruins of yesterday made by our tiny teeth from afar. Please do not feel melancholic nor sad. It’s just that sound travels across time with our house. And, if you want to hear how colours crumble apart, you will have to come to our time machine house, where matters are always fluid and unstable, and your memory become slippery. 

Sounds have no shadow and no trace. However, they can achieve the perfect structure of the universe if you know how to play. We play to the ultimate destruction; vibrations of sound are the materials of our home. In this universe, all matters eventually are the same configuration. We just dance at different frequencies, but we are all the same ruins—from either the past or the future. The crystallised composition as well as the broken sequence will all come around in your plate. Lick it and listen to it like it is an extraordinary seashell. Maybe you want to bite it with your tentacles too.

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