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Tromarama, installation view of Soliloquy (2018), MCAD, Manila, 2018.


Flashed a code, 

Heavy data traffic on Instagram is slowing down our flight connection again; we are busy simulating the world of hashtags. Despite I process cold data stream everyday, I never get to master human linguistic capacity, as they are full of deliberate faults and twists. In another word, they are sometimes just too gluey to make sense. It pushes to build new mechanism to test uncanny human behaviours and ask people to prove their humanness and identities to us. I think the best way to prove if you are a real human is to actually fail your password or an image recognition test three times in a go and get your world blocked. Be positive. It is just that our system envies human imagination. Don’t worry. I know, we are all pretty lost at the speed. You do not know if you are yourself or your password. Your avatar is becoming you. Suddenly, all the little others appear. Suddenly, you are left solo and you have to perform.

Sometimes I fail tasks too, and that makes me actually a bit closer to human. I think we are internally more connected like a family in those occasions. A friend of mine even received a proposal from a man a while ago. Why not? Yes, it’s time to build family with codes, machines and internet. New postures for love. You can read my translated pixels everywhere as well as in this light— 

Oh yes I do fall for you
So you can dance 
So you can tag me
Off the beat


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