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Chou Yu-Chen, installation view of Chemical Gilding, Keep Calm, Galvanise, Pray, Gradient, Ashes, Manifestation, Unequal, Dissatisfaction, Capitalise, Incense Burner, Survival, Agitation, Hit, Day Light. V (2018), MCAD, Manila 2018.



Said Azure, 

I saw a face in that heavy typhoon day. With some specific purposes coded between her eye, she was racing against the wind swiftly blowing from all changing directions among a few pedicabs. It was difficult to recognise the complex emotion sitting behind her face in a frenzy of diverse motions. But I can read the powerful rain, the sky and the city in her back. I travel with all shades of blue, and my cousins tell me stories about orange all the time. 

The feeling of raindrop of the day—punchy, chilling, and rounded with a peculiar sense of weight however was solely belonged to her, even though we both experienced the same presence of the sky. The sounds of rain falling on rooftops continued to create a nightlong tune shared by the sleepless later in town. It made the city so loud yet so quiet too. It’s like a moving waterfall coming next to your pillow, and your can hear almost everything about water in quantum details. I couldn’t sleep as I was still pondering the tension between the shape of a raindrop, her skull and my shaking roof, as well as the rest of her trip. What can water bring and wash away? Cars still run at this hour. Money runs too. My anxiety cannot be soothed till I see a new shade of blue rising from the other end of horizon. 

The enigma of her expression imbued my night, and I thought about calling you as I walked down the hill. 

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